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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Zizza/VynxFemale/United States Group :icontalking-angela-safe: Talking-Angela-Safe
Let's end this rumor.
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Chocolate Minion factory :iconchickencakes:ChickenCakes 11 2 Oh Gosh I Did Something Creepy For Once :iconchickencakes:ChickenCakes 7 15
Minions 2015 - Boat Scene[FAN-MADE TRANSLATION]
[The scene is cut to Bob, Stu, and Kevin rowing their boat. All of them are exhausted. Bob's stomach then growls, he then whimpers. Kevin notices this.]
Kevin: Are you...?
Bob: Hungry...
Stuart: I don't want to do anymore...[Stuart starts to hallucinate]...Banana!
Kevin: Uh, Stuart? Everything alright?
Stuart: [Starts to freak out in an excited way] Banana...BANANAAAAAA! [charges towards Bob and Kevin.]
[Both Kevin and Bob scream. Stuart then starts to lick Kevin. Kevin is disgusted at this and slaps Stuart repeatedly. Bob then smiles.]
Bob: Wow...[Bob then starts to suck at Kevin's head]
Kevin: AAAH! AH, BOB! STOP THAT! [He then pushes both Stuart and Bob.]
[The trio then hear a boat sound and turn around and notice the Statue of Liberty.]
[Bob then cheers as he then jumps off the boat and swims to shore.]
Kevin: Bob!
[Stuart and Kevin then row after him, delighted that they found land.]
:iconchickencakes:ChickenCakes 4 2
Happiness in a Teddy Bear (Bob TF)
Blue sky, shining sun. Forest trees. The forest was definitely the place for Me. I knew I had to get out once in a while, I never just had all the time. I wished that I could, though. I would definitely be much happier.
But I felt that there was something really really missing in my life. I wasn't sure what, though. I've been trying so hard to find it. But no luck so far. I am really hoping that maybe one time that something could fill this gap in me. That is, until I saw an object...
It was brown and small. I couldn't see it that well. Since it wasn't really close to me. I started walking to the direction of the object, a bit curious on what it was.
What it realized what it was when I got closer, that it was a teddy bear. A stuffed one. It was lying on the ground, all alone. I wasn't sure what it was doing on the ground. Maybe someone lost it? There has got to be an answer to this.
I then leaned down towards it. I was gonna try and pick it up, but the slightly matte
:iconchickencakes:ChickenCakes 8 7
*~*THIS TIME I MIGHT JUST DIS-*~* :iconchickencakes:ChickenCakes 3 0 ASDFMOVIE Meme :iconchickencakes:ChickenCakes 4 3 Just listen to that music.... :iconchickencakes:ChickenCakes 1 3 Minions ready for winter :iconchickencakes:ChickenCakes 15 5 Zombie Apocolypse :iconchickencakes:ChickenCakes 8 5 Steampunked :iconchickencakes:ChickenCakes 9 9 Thanks for the birthday wishes :iconchickencakes:ChickenCakes 2 9 Kawaii Desu Bread :iconchickencakes:ChickenCakes 1 0 Cat-Bird Strong Wind :iconchickencakes:ChickenCakes 4 5 STREAKADOO :iconchickencakes:ChickenCakes 6 5 Mr Angrybrows :iconchickencakes:ChickenCakes 12 5
Pizza Angel - Fnaf Edition
~And now it is time for Silly songs with Chica. The part of the game where Chica comes out and sings a silly song.
Chica: Got the munchies on that faithful night. Around 12am. So I baked in a pizza in the kitchen.
But I had a feeling that something wasn't right 'cause I waited for hours. It still didn't look ready...
(cue music)
I set the table with a paper plate
How would I know if it'd be late?
It's taking so long, why isn't it done?
That delicious food of love and fun...
Pizza Angel, please come to me...
Tomato sauce and cheese so gooey.
Pizza Angel, I'm on my knees!
You're my #1 pie over at Freddy's!
Did things go wrong?
It isn't done yet...
Should I have ordered on the internet?
Ready for dinner, now I'm not so sure...
I think my cupcake's losing tem-pera-ture~!
Pizza Angel, please come to me...(come to meeee~)
Tomato sauce and cheese so gooey.
(ooooooo~)Pizza Angel, I'm on my knees!(on my knees!)
And don't forget that I had made it tenderly!
(Yeah, yeah, yeah...)
I was con
:iconchickencakes:ChickenCakes 9 3

Random Favourites

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1: Edgy trolls. I'm really sick of seeing them on here. I really am. They claim them as 'sane' yet they act like their edgy and hate on most things people love.
2: I don't feel that it's fun to be on here anymore. I really don't.
3: I want to move on to other stuff. I really am sick of the harassers, trolls, and people who keep trying to cause dArama. It's just too much for me and it's starting to not only trigger my stress, but my depression.
4: I'm sick of being hated on and being accused on here. This happened to me twice recently. And I don't want to be accused anymore.
5: Stress. This site has been giving me alot of stress and I can't take it so much anymore. I used to have alot of fun on here, now it's making me stresse.

Here are the contacts that you can try and contact me on:

G+: Vynx Chan
Tumblr: (I resides on an rp account. But you may talk to me OOC if you would like)
Quotev: Ms Pwnster;
Skype: zizzagirlchicken(Just give me the username so that I know who you are)
Facebook: Lisa Trow
I might be going onto making a new Neopets account though.
As always. Adios~
PS: I will still be working on requests. Just get a Skype and I'll continue working on it.


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United States


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